Area Sharing Request

Dear D.C.M.’s and G.S.R’s in Area 14,

Greetings from your Public Information Service Coordinator, Johnette K. I am posting this notice to let you know that our Trustee’s Public Information Committee at G.S.O. has written to me with a request for Fellowship Sharing in response to the 2012 Conference Committee’s request for "Area’s to share regarding the effectiveness of the language of the Short Form of Tradition Eleven in addressing the needs of the Fellowship today."

As you may recall, we had an agenda item this year to add language to our Eleventh Tradition. The Trustee’s Committee of Public Information had lengthy discussion about this item at Conference. The Committee concluded that the spirit and principle of anonymity at the public level is conveyed adequately in the long form of Tradition Eleven. The Committee recognizes that suggested changes to this Tradition have come to the Committee several times, thus they want to gather more information and would like the Area’s sharing on the effectiveness of the language of the Short Form of Tradition Eleven and if the Area’s believe it meets the needs of our Fellowship in this day and age.

I want to encourage every D.C.M. and G.S.R. to share their feelings and opinions on this subject. There are several ways you can do this. You can do it via e-mail to, or e-mail our Area Delegate at, or e-mail me at You also have the option of using postal mail and can mail your response to P.I. Desk, General Service Office, 475 Riverside Dr., 11th floor, New York, NY 10115, or write out your response and give it to me at the next Area Assembly in October.

We will be discussing this topic at the next P.I. workshop at Assembly and it is my hope Area 14 will participate wholeheartedly on this very important topic, especially since we do live in a new faster paced world today of electronic media, the internet, Facebook etc.

Your attention on this request is appreciated.

Most Sincerely,
Johnette K.
Public Information Service Coordinator, Area 14

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