As was announced at the Area 14 Assembly, we are in the middle of a history making event!

Beginning March 31, 2012 and ending at 9:00 am on October 13, 2012 the Area 14 District that sells the MOST Grapevine and/or LaVina subscriptions will be given a First Edition Big Book for their District’s Archive collection.

Paula and I have asked for one person to represent each District; your GVR would be best, but any other willing point person will be great. If your District has NOT sent in contact information, you cannot be included in the Challenge; please get with your DCM asap.

Here are the rules:

  • For each subscription sold an email needs to be sent to:
  • The email needs to include the last name and the date for that sold subscription.
  • That information will be confirmed with the Grapevine Office in NY and that District will get credit.
  • Subscriptions must be paid for in full when the email is sent.
  • The calculations will be kept and after the meeting on Saturday night, October 13, 2012 the winning District will be announced and presented their Big Book.
  • It is up to each District to get the word out to their body.
  • Gift subscriptions will be included, as long as they are paid in full and have been activated with New York.

Good luck to all and may the “grapes” be with you!

With Gratitude,

Grapevine strives to be self-supporting through the sale of Grapevine items and subscriptions.

GRAPEVINE * PO Box 16867 * North Hollywood, CA 91615-6867 * 800-631-6025 * 818.487.2091

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