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Hello to all,

The upcoming assembly is July 13, 14 and 15, 2007. Our delegate, Fred H., will be giving a report on the general Service Conference that took place in April. Saturday night will be a speakers' meeting and Sunday morning will be our usual business meeting. There is no old business being carried over from last assembly but I look forward, as always, to any new business.

In looking at the next year and a half, I have a challenge for all of us as an area. We currently experience an attendance of about 200 AAs at Assemblies. I am challenging all of us to develop ideas to increase that attendance by 50-75 AAs by the end of 2008. I ask you to bring ideas to "attract" more of our fellow alcoholics to take an interest in the organization of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The Service Coordinators and Officers have already taken the challenge and you can look forward to some increased participation in your district by the members of Panel 57.

I look forward to seeing everyone in July!

Love and service,
Tina C-L.
Area 14 Chair


I want to thank each one of you again for the privilege and the opportunity that I had to attend the 57th General Service Conference. The entire conference process was one of the most spiritual and humbling experiences that I have had during the years that I have spent in service.

The theme of the 57th General Service Conference this year was “A.A.’s 12th Step Responsibility - Are We Going to Any Length?”

I also had the distinct opportunity to meet other delegates from the 93 service areas throughout the United States, Canada & Puerto Rico along with Trustees and Staff from the General Service Office.  We were very busy during all of the conference sessions. Each delegate met with their respective conference committee discussing and reviewing agenda items assigned to their committee.

I have already given four delegate reports and I am excited for the opportunity to come to your district and share information regarding Conference Advisory Actions and other items presented to us during the conference.

Thank you again for the opportunity to serve and I look forward to seeing you at the July Assembly and presenting my full delegate report.

Yours in Service,
Fred H.
Area 14 Delegate

FROM YOUR Web Site Coordinator:

Recently, there have been some instances where email addressed to an officer or service coordinator at their email addresses has not been received by the officer or service coordinator.  There are many possible reasons for this, some of which I am powerless over, and some which I am not.  I’ll go over these reasons at the July Assembly.  If you have sent an email to an email address, and don’t receive a reply in a week or so, please do the following:

  1. Please email the person again.  I ask this to help me diagnose possible problems.
  2. Call the person you emailed.  Phone numbers of officers and service coordinators are listed on the Resources page of the Area Minutes.
  3. Please also email or call me so that I may know of the possible problem.
  4. Anytime you need to get in touch with someone right away, the best thing usually is to call first.

Please feel free to contact me at or give me a call.

Love and Service,
Jeff P
Area 14 Web Site Coordinator

July Assembly Workshop Highlights

Please refer to the agenda for the time of each workshop

  • ARCHIVES: A timeline of AA will be presented and if time allows, Rob will talk about how to preserve Grapevine magazines.
  • COOPERATION w/PROFESSIONAL COMMUNITY: How to start a CPC committee and maintain a committee in your district.
  • LITERATURE: The history of literature.
  • PUBLIC INFORMATION: How to approach the media.
  • Web Site: TBA
  • SITE & AGENDA: Review hotel bids for the 2009-2010 Assemblies.

Next Assembly is July 13, 14, 15.
Make your reservations three weeks prior to get our conference rate.

District 33
Spanish Language District

The North Florida Area Spanish Linguistic District (33) has their own office and web site. For more information contact:

Distrito 33 del Area Norte de la Florida de Alcólicos Anónimos
1308 Rose Blvd. #D
Orlando, FL 32839
Telefono 407-240-1181

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