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WINTER 2005 addendum

Minutes from the Fall Assembly

As of today, the minutes from the Fall Assembly have not been printed.

Due to the volume of postage sent during the holiday season and the low level of priority on non-profit bulk mail (which is how our minutes get sent), it has been decided to not attempt to send the fall minutes in the upcoming weeks when they are completed.

The reason for this decision is that there is a real possibility that the minutes may not arrive to the G.S.R.s until just prior to or possibly even after the January Assembly. At that late time, as it has been voiced in the past by members of the body, the groups do not have the proper time to discuss and vote upcoming Assembly business. Therefore I will recommend the tabling of business of until the following Assembly. The printed minutes will be brought to the January Assembly for distribution.

Please do not contact the Registrar for the minutes as she does not have them.

Please pass this information on to other Groups in your Districts.

If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Yours in Service,

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