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Welcome Panel 57 Officers and Service Coordinators!

Elections in October resulted in a new panel of officers to serve the North Florida Area along with the newly apointed Service Coordinators.

  • Delegate - Fred H.
  • Alt. Delegate - Chet P.
  • Chair - Tina C-L.
  • Alt. Chair - Connie D.
  • Treasurer - Marilyn B.
  • Registrar - Glenn W.
  • Secretary - Ann P.
  • Parliamentarian - Mary K.
  • Finance - Melanie E.
  • Accessibilities - Kathy S.
  • Archives - Rob K.
  • CPC - Vivian F.
  • Corrections - Jim F.
  • Grapevine/La Vina - Mary F.
  • Intergroup - Lori S.
  • Literature - Steve R.
  • PI - Carolina T.
  • Treatment - David R.
  • Web Site - Jeff P.

January Assembly

At this Assembly, our guest will be Southeast Trustee Howard L. Michael S. will serve as the Assembly Past Delegate. In addition to the quarterly GSR Orientation, the annual DCM orientation will be held for new DCMs. The updated Structures and Guidelines will be available as it is each January. Most incoming Service Coordinators will be reviewing their respective workbooks and their plans for the next two years. Many Service Coordinators will be looking for Alternate Service Coordinators. Please let them know if you have a desire to serve. The motion from the Growth Committee that Area 14 continue to participate on the advisory commitee of the Florida State Convention, instead of withdrawing on December 31, 2006 will be voted on at the business meeting. Finally, the Chair Elect, the Delegate Elect and our current Delegate will be attending the Southeast Regional Forum in Atlanta December 1-3 and reporting to the Assembly on Sunday morning.

Love and Service

Please refer to the agenda for the time of each workshop.

  • ACCESSIBILITIES: What is Accessibilites? Does our district need an Accessibilities Committee? How does a district start up an Accessibilities Committee?
  • ARCHIVES: Show the video "Markings of the Journey" and demonstrate techniques of preservation
  • COOPERATION w/PROFESSIONAL COMMUNITY: Go through the workbook and discuss future conventions, looking for volunteers to man the booth at conventions
  • CORRECTIONS: Go through the workbook and share corrections experiences
  • GRAPEVINE: Go through the workbook, discuss methods to spread the Grapevine word, looking for volunteers to work in the Grapevine store Saturday  of the Assembly
  • INTERGROUP: Go through the workbook and share experience, strength and hope.
  • LITERATURE: Go through workbook and catalogue
  • PUBLIC INFORMATION: Go through the workbook and discuss duties of PI Chairs
  • TREATMENT: Go through workbook.
  • WEBSITE: Need alternate Service Coordinator; Spanish translations for Web site; new site design
  • FINANCE: No info at present
  • GROWTH: No info at present
  • SITE & AGENDA: No info at present

Next Assembly is January 12, 13 and 14
Make your reservations 30 days prior to get our conference rate.

District 33
Spanish Language District

The North Florida Area Spanish Linguistic District (33) has their own office and web site. For more information contact:

Distrito 33 del Area Norte de la Florida de Alcólicos Anónimos
1308 Rose Blvd. #D
Orlando, FL 32839
Telefono 407-240-1181

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