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8 de Agosto, 2017

If there was any doubt that A.A. work goes on year round, the communications this week puts that doubt away. I received the unofficial 11 page July Board Meeting notes (followed up with a conference call) from our new South East Regional Trustee, Cathy B., (below are excepts only)


  • received a donation of a 1940's color film reel of Lois and Bill walking in the garden at Stepping Stones with Dr. Bob and Ann - discussion around on possible display and use of it.
  • Additional construction at a cost of up to $70,000 approved.
  • 2017 Conf. Advisory Action: Unity in Action: Bill W.'s General Service Conference Talks progressing. Draft for review in October 2017.


  • Final Conference Report is done and now available
  • Background translation team progressing on implementing 2017 Advisory Action for having all 3 languages ready by the 1st week in March.


  • Sub-committee formed to continue exploration of LinkedIn Page for CPC. Progress report at Oct. meeting.

Treatment and Accessibility

  • Request for shared experience regarding carrying the message to both veterans and active service members went out in July.


  • Over 90 volunteers from the fellowship (including former inmates who had benefited from the Corrections Correspondence Service) responded to the "Mail Call" published in the July prison issue of the Grapevine.
  • Corrections desk answered 1,149 letters and linked 259 inmates through the CCS since March.


  • No price increases for literature in the foreseen future.
  • 2 million from the Reserve Fund transferred. $1,250.000 to the pension fund & $750,000 to the Postretirement Medical Fund.


  • Preparing for the 25th World Service Meeting (Durban, South Africa 2018)

International Convention

  • Logo for 2020 International approved, will be trademarked.


  • Development of a 5th Grade level Big Book, Took no action
  • Requests for revisions to the Big Book, forwarding to 2018 Conference Committee on Literature re: appendix reflecting recognition received from Library of Congress.
  • All 2017 Conf. Advisory Actions/Additional Considerations progressing.


  • Beau B. appointed to serve as General Service Trustee on the AAWS board following April 2018 GSC to fill vacancy on the passing of Joe D.
  • Shari M. of Ft. Lauderdale FL appointed for one year to serve as ACM on trustees Committee on Public Information.
  • Terry B., Trustee emeritus

Public Information

  • Google Ad/Words/Grants: heard report on progress and requested new ACMs along with the secretary gather info on how GoogleAdWords and Grants can be used to carry the AA message - report back Oct. meeting.
  • Annual Anonymity media mailing went out in June to more than 30,000 media outlets.

Regional Forums

  • Committee approved Local Forum request for 2018 to be hosted by Area 08 San Diego/Imperial County.
  • SE Regional Forum - Biloxi, MI, 1st weekend in December 2020, Golden Nugget.

Technology/Communications Services

  • A.A. Around the World page be added to aa.org.
  • 2013 World Service Meeting Final Report (anonymity protected in English & Spanish will be posted on the new page). Mexico provides translation.

Digital Books

  • New ebook feature which will improve page navigation has been completed & will be implemented when the versions for all 3 languages are available.

International Licensing and Translation

  • Navajo Big Book is proceeding with the audio recording of the final two chapters (no written language)

Big Book Totals Update

  • Big Book is available in 70 languages with 21 non-English language versions pending.

REMEMBER: The deadline for Proposed Agenda Items for the 68th General Service Conference is December 15, 2017. If you or your group intends to put forth an Agenda Item, it will need to come to the Area Assembly in October for a vote. Please bring any that you might have to the appropriate workshop in October so it can be vetted and then voted on by the body at the business meeting.

My schedule right now: August 5, District 15 Workshop "Why We Do Service & Service Sponsorship" (flyer on our website); August 9-24, I will be taking a breather and heading up North to visit relatives. I will always be in touch by phone, text, and email. Sept. 17, District 5, Post Conference Workshop, Tallahassee; November 18, District 6, Gratitude Dinner, St. Augustine.

Please remember, if I have an open date on my calendar it is yours if you ask me! And, remember, I love to come out to your area!

Area 14 Panel 67
Twitter: delegate_a14p67

Thank you all again for the opportunity to serve.


"AA Communication Can Cross All Barriers", AA Co-Founder, Bill W., July 1960
The Language of the Heart

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Debemos hacer esto para el futuro de A.A.; Colocar en primer lugar nuestro bienestar común; para mantener nuestra Comunidad unida.
Porque de la unidad de A.A. dependen nuestra vidas, y las vidas de todos los que vendrá.


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