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6 de diciembre, 2017

According to Box 459 (October-November 1994)"For many decades now, we in the Fellowship have formally carved out from the calendar the month of November as a time to express our collective gratitude for our individual sobriety. Interestingly, no one is exactly sure why that month was originally chosen, though its connection with Thanksgiving seems obvious... Misty origins notwithstanding, Gratitude Month has, since the 1940s, been November and our shared thankfulness over the years has taken many forms and will continue to do so as our membership widens."

This November, I attended the District 15 Gratitude picnic, the District 23 Pancake Breakfast and the District 6 Gratitude Dinner! Thanks to all who participated to make each of these events successful and enjoyable! The Southern States Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly IV (SSAASA IV) took place in November as well. Atlanta GA was the site hosted by Areas 1 & 16. Area 14 was well represented at this service assembly which focuses on networking with members in their varied service positions. The SSAASA V 2019 in North Carolina hosted by Areas 51 and 62. I will send out informaiton as it becomes available.

The latest news on the Manuscript Litigation I already sent out by email, but just in case you missed it: from the Court Document: A.A.W.S. wishes to discontinue this suit. Thank you for your input on this issue. As there are Agenda Items regarding the Litigation, I'm sure we will be discussing further. December 15th, the deadline for proposed agenda items is fast approaching. There are currently 40 items listed on the Delegates dashboard. The two voted in by our Area in October are headed for the Literature Committee. The final list along with the background is usually sent to the Delegates around February 14. Watch your email for your copy! Pre-Conference workshops will be offered to all districts, so get your date set as soon as possible.

In January Julio E. from GSO, will be our guest. Julio's sobriety date is 2/1/93 and his home group is the Morningside Heights Beginners in Manhattan. He started working at G.S.O. in July of 2001 on the corrections desk. Since then he has served on several desks; Group Services, Public Information, International, Literature, Regional Forums, staff coordinator and currently on Nominating. He will be updating us on what's happening at GSO at the 4:30pm meeting, and sharing his Experience, Strength and Hope at the 8pm speaker meeting.

May you have the happiest of holiday seasons, and the best in the New Year!

Area 14 Panel 67
Twitter: delegate_a14p67

Thank you all again for the opportunity to serve.


"AA Communication Can Cross All Barriers", AA Co-Founder, Bill W., July 1960
The Language of the Heart

Declaracion de Unidad

Debemos hacer esto para el futuro de A.A.; Colocar en primer lugar nuestro bienestar común; para mantener nuestra Comunidad unida.
Porque de la unidad de A.A. dependen nuestra vidas, y las vidas de todos los que vendrá.


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