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News from the Delegate - February, 2024

Pre-Conference Season is here ! The Final Agenda Items and the Background Material is being received by the Delegates across the US/Canada Service Structure and we are all very busy reading, preparing presentations and getting the information to all of you. I hope that everyone in Area 14 is planning on attending a Pre-Conference presentation during the month of March. The notifications and flyers for these events may be found in the Activities section of the NFAC website, It is important that accurate information is received by the fellowship so that an informed group conscience can be made. At the April assembly I will ask for the Group Conscience at the 4:30 Saturday meeting. The opportunity to get this essential background material out and back this year is just a few short weeks, so our Alternate Delegate Lori P. will be presenting solo at some workshops this year, I am sadly unable to be in two places at once! We are working closely together to provide this information. I will be available to all as always for any questions or assistance anyone may need. I am honored to carry the voice of our area to the 74th General Service Conference again this year.
The Final Agenda Items List is attached to this document and the Background Material has been uploaded to the Password Protected portion of this website.

On a personal note, as some of you may know, in January as Conference Delegate Chair I was able to attend the First Quarterly Board of Trustees weekend in New York City. That’s right this Florida girl went to NYC in January and yes it was very cold! But the temperature was hardly noticeable compared to the experience of being present at the meetings of the Board of Trustees for Alcoholics Anonymous. A humbling honor I will never forget. The dedication of our Trustees and the hard work done by the staff of our General Service Office is something that words cannot accurately reflect. And this is to say nothing of the Class A trustees who serve this fellowship though they suffer not our deadly disease. The love of service to A.A. is palpable in this setting.

The Committee Chairs of the 74th shared this amazing experience, participated in the work for the good of the fellowship, bonded together and managed to have a little fun too. One evening without duties, the fellowship of the Committee chairs had dinner together at the iconic restaurant Carmine’s and then saw the Broadway show “Wicked” together. (we delegates paid for this treat ourselves).
I was also able to attend a meeting in New York City with a few others, it was birthday night at the “Midnight” group. 150+ years of sobriety was celebrated there that evening. The celebrants shared their experience, strength and hope and the group shared their cake with us too. This adventure did involve a late night ride on the NY subway and that is a whole different experience !

I am glad to be back home in Sunny (sometimes) Florida and working hard to bring the information to the membership of Area 14 for this year’s agenda items. Thank you all for this amazing opportunity to serve.

Together in Love and Service

Mary A.
Area 14 Panel 73 Delegate
74th GSC Delegate Chair