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Delegate's Corner - January, 2018

First of all, Happy New Year!

Thanks to everyone for an exciting January Assembly. Our guest from GSO, Julio E. enhanced our usual experiences. He was impressed with all of you and was quite complimentary of the whole area.

Last May GSO initiated a lawsuit to stop the sale of "printer's copy" of an Original Manuscript of the Big Book. We discussed this topic in depth at a special workshop at the October 2017 assembly. Subsequently, our counsel recently filed a motion to dismiss the suit. Since then, there have been several additional motions, stipulations, due dates, etc. If you are interested in details, email your request to and I'll do my best fill you in.

Action on Conference Advisory Actions regarding YouTube: YouTube is now active for both AAWS and Grapevine. "GSO has not formally announced and launched the page until issues...are resolved". To see them now, Go to and search for Alcoholics Anonymous World Services. For Grapevine search for AA Grapevine & scroll down to find logo - GV in a circle.

Around February 14th, we will receive the background material for the 68th General Service Conference. I again will be travelling around the Area presenting Pre-Conference Workshops. Thanks to the DCMs who have already booked their workshop. The panel and I are very excited to travel to you bringing the agenda items information.

If you haven't booked your pre-conference workshop, please do so as soon as possible. We have a very short window to get the information to the membership so that I will have an informed group conscience to take to the Conference in April.

It is also not too early to book post-Conference workshops. I already have one district booked for May. If you are inclined, I am happy to bring the results of the Conference to you.

Thank you all for the work you do for your groups, districts, area and of course the still suffering alcoholic!

Area 14 Panel 67
Twitter: delegate_a14p67

Thank you all again for the opportunity to serve.


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