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Delegate's Corner - May, 2019

During my first year at Conference I will be given the opportunity to share about Area 14 and happenings here. This will happen about 1:50 PM on Sunday afternoon. I wanted to share with each of you what I will be reporting - since it had to written and turned in back in January. Keep in mind that we only have two minutes, so it doesn't give me a lot of time, but I really want them to know what a great job you all do of preparing your Delegate, and how committed we are to carrying the message by Celebrating Service!

"Greetings from the northern part of sunny Florida. Area 14 has over 800 groups and 31 districts, including a linguistic district for our Spanish speaking members. Our geographical area covers the north one-half of Florida, except the western tip of the panhandle, and south to Orlando and the Space Coast. We keep a high focus on the General Service Conference process and agenda items. Background material is distributed digitally, and several years ago we began to hold pre-conference workshops in the districts ahead of our April assembly. In April, all workshops focus on the agenda items, and end with an informed sense of the assembly for our Delegate. We take preparing our Delegate for Conference very seriously.

The Area hosts four 2-day assemblies each year. The weekend includes four administrative committees that oversee finances, website, assembly operations and district boundaries. Nine service coordinators lead educational workshops at assembly and around the districts. Our goal is to increase the enthusiasm and participation of our members by being highly inclusive, and there is now a scholarship fund to financially assist voting members in attending assembly. We have created a "First Timer" handout for new members at Assembly, and often publish a newsletter to encourage interest in assembly. We have created a 13- minute DVD about the traditions and currently support "Me plus One" a self-support message introduced by one of our members. It encourages contributions in different ways to make up for those who cannot contribute. We have service manual workshops around the area, some with members using skype to participate. In Area 14 we are not shy about celebrating service every day!"

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to serve!

In love & service,
Annette D.
Delegate, Area 14, Panel 69

"Our Big Book - 80 years, 71 Languages"

Where's the Delegate? - If you have not scheduled a Post Conference workshop for your District, and wish to, please call me or email me. As flyers are placed on website you will find the details or each event.

  • May 17-25 - 69th General Service Conference - NYC
  • June 3 - Masaryktown flyer
  • June 8 - Palm Coast flyer
  • June 9 - Daytona flyer
  • June 15 - Melbourne - Speaking Space Coast YP Brevard
  • June 22 - District 28 flyer
  • June 23 - Jacksonville flyer
  • June 29 - Orlando flyer
  • July 5-6-7 - South Florida Area 15 Assembly - Guest
  • July 12-13-14 - North Florida Area 14 Assembly

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This we owe to A.A.'s future: to place our common welfare first; to keep our Fellowship united. For on A.A. unity depend our lives and the lives of those to come.

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