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Delegate's Corner - July 10, 2017

As usual, I return from Area Assembly full of gratitude and exuberance! For me there is such a feeling of excitement during our weekends together. Some of the new things I particularly enjoyed:

  • The informative display tables so you could stop by and pick up interesting literature. This assembly had tables focusing on my General Service Conference (with pins traded with other delegates for you to take), and on Finance (with lots of FREE literature).
  • Registration area a little more traffic flow friendly set up by removing one table! And having the Registrar information right there helped direct you to his location.
  • Sunday morning having the Business Meeting Agenda and Motions on the screens helped in keeping track of the meeting.
  • There was a test of administrative committee meeting at a different time, reacting to frequent suggestions that people would like to get to more than one Administrative Committee.

I had great fun facilitating a working DCM meeting Saturday morning. The DCMs formed "Districts" each to cover a single question, and coming up with a collaborated presentation of their subject, including visuals. DCMs don't get a lot of time to interact, so this was a way to make that happen. Hope it was as much fun and helpful for the DCMs.

My Delegate's Report gave me the opportunity to share with the Area my experiences at Conference. It was like reliving it again! I could never express my gratitude to you enough!

Some news from GSO you can find at click on "what's new" tab:

  • Safety Card for A.A. Groups ( Yellow) - Contains the long form of Tradition One and a suggested statement on Safety. May be read out loud at A.A. meetings as part of opening announcements or at the secretary's break.
  • Box 4-5-9 Summer 2017 - Supporting Our Future - This issue features a report on the 67th General Service Conference, with a condensed listing of Advisory Actions and additional considerations discussed at A.A.'s annual business meeting. The issue also includes notifications for upcoming service positions on A.A.'s corporate boards and a profile of Michele Grinberg, the incoming Class A (nonalcoholic) chairperson of the General Service Board.
  • The A.A. Service Manual, 2016-2018 - Reflecting actions of the 2016 General Service Conference, this is the first biennial edition of the service manual, which explains the Conference structure and its year-round importance.

My schedule right now:

  • July 21-23, Area 15, South Florida Assembly
  • July 27-30, Florida State Convention, Jacksonville
  • August 5, District 15 Workshop "Why We Do Service & Service Sponsorship"(flyer on our website)
  • Sept. 27, Post Conference Workshop, District 5, Tallahassee

Please remember, if I have an open date on my calendar it is yours if you ask me! And, remember, I love to come out to your area!

Area 14 Panel 67
Twitter: delegate_a14p67

Thank you all again for the opportunity to serve.


"AA Communication Can Cross All Barriers", AA Co-Founder, Bill W., July 1960
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