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Delegate's Corner - October, 2019

Hello Everyone,
Thank you for visiting the Delegate's Corner. I hope you found the assembly informative and fun! It was so great to see all of you. Just a few updates:
Remember - deadline for proposed agenda items for next year - 12/15/2019. If you did not get a General Service Conference Final Report - contact your DCM, me, or download the digital version from our password protected page.

Save the Date - Michele G., Non-alcoholic Trustee, Chairman of the General Service Board, will be our guest in January. Reserve your room and plan to attend now.

I will be attending the South Florida Area 15 Assembly in Boca Raton this weekend as the guest of their Delegate, Shirley P - whom many of you met this weekend. Look for a Delegate's Corner update after the weekend to find out all about it.

DCMs will shortly receive the list of available dates for Pre and Post Conference workshops next year. This will allow for more time to plan and collaborate with other Districts. The first pre-conference is already scheduled!

Check the schedule below - maybe we will see each along the way.

Thank you for your continued support - see you around the Area or at Assembly in January!

We Celebrate Service together!

In love & service,
Annette D.
Delegate, Area 14, Panel 69

"Our Big Book - 80 years, 71 Languages"

  • October 4-5-6 - Area 15 Assembly-Boca Raton - Guest
  • October 9 - District 14 Attend District Meeting and Speaking
  • October 12 - District 5 Service Fair
  • October 20 - District 19 Home Group Workshop
  • November 2 - District 7 Gratitude Dinner – Speaking, with Past Delegate Joyce C.
  • November 8-9-10 - North Car. Southern States AA Service Assembly
  • November 17 - District 28 Gratitude Dinner - Speaking
  • February 6-9, 2020 - Atlanta Delegates Get Together – with Alternate Delegate
  • February 29, 2020 - Spacecoast Pre-Conference Workshop
  • April 17-25, 2020 - NYC 70th General Service Conference

Unity Statement

This we owe to A.A.'s future: to place our common welfare first; to keep our Fellowship united. For on A.A. unity depend our lives and the lives of those to come.

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