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Delegate's Corner - July, 2019

Thank you for visiting the Delegate's Corner. Thank you all for being a part of our exhilarating Assembly weekend. And thank you to our Panel 69 members for the beautifully run event and the informative workshops. It takes so much work from all to make each assembly come together.

Thank you to the DCMS and members out in the districts for all you did to make pre and post conferences happen and giving up your time to hear about the Conference. We are half way through as we move into the second half of the year, and we get to do it all over again next year! I know the experience at Conference will be different as a second-year Delegate, and I look forward to new adventures and new lessons learned.

This weekend my report was about what I saw, heard and felt" and I wanted to be able to share the complete report and give you better opportunity to know what's it like. I can tell you that we and Alcoholics Anonymous are in the reliable hands of our General Service Board and the staff of the General Service Office. I began my journey on Thursday night, attending dinner with friends, and a meeting after. Thank you Ponderosa Group in District 10 for that great concepts topic. My week started Saturday I attended the hospitality event for all Conference members. The goal is to connect with as many new friends as possible and the first question always seemed to be "What committee are you on and where are you from? That I was part of this Conference became real as I circulated, crashing groups and meeting new members. There was enough energy in the room to launch a rocket - maybe even the big one. Sunday morning after being provided opening information, we began the roll call and a silent awe fell over the room. This was the part we always hear about. Such a simple thing, stand and say "here" when your name is called. That short word never held so much meaning, as when I stood and answered. When all 135 voting members of this Conference had checked in, the General Manager declared the 69th General Service Conference open and we gave quite a loud cheer.

When I approached the mic to present our Area Highlights, my fellow Southeast Regional Delegates had all gathered in one corner so they could cheer us on. I found I wasn't nervous at all about the green, yellow, and red lights, because I was very excited to tell them about you and the exciting things we do here, but I admit, I was relieved I finished without the red light or bell. We then settled into a rapid pace that continued throughout the week. On Monday afternoon I approached my first committee meeting with so many questions: Would we be able to work together? Would we be able to get the work done? Would we be able to come to agreement on the issues? The answer to all of these was a resounding YES, and "they" quickly became "we". We immediately connected through our common experiences, completed our task in the allotted time, and yes, we were able to come to agreement through collaboration and respectful debate. Over the two days we worked in committee, we took breaks for reports, presentations, and a productive workshop that involved music, dance, and brainstorming ideas. Wednesday morning as we came together to begin our debate and voting, it was with excitement we received the reports from all the committees and got our first glimpse of what work would be accomplished over the rest of the week. After opening, and a reminder that we do not applaud or cheer comments or outcomes, and some tweaking of the voting systems, we settled down to our work. As I watched around the room there was moment, a trustee was at the mic, the chair was at the podium, and a staff member was waiting at his turn to speak, on the other side. I had a glimpse of Bill's writing in his new book, the conference stands in the place of him and Dr. Bob, to advise and guide. I realized that this was a culmination of all the times I read about this in our service manual, and wondered "How do they do that?" "What does that look like?" - and I was seeing it come to life, seeing it in action. At our meals, I sat most times with a different group of members. I chatted one meal with the folks in finance at the General Service Office and got to ask a couple of those number things I always wondered about. I sat with the manager of the Records Department and hear about the new ERP Database and how it will change business - the Delegates will even have a portal to download contribution reports for our groups. I sat one whole morning with Albin, the new leader at the Grapevine office - and found out why all of my ideas about the Lavina challenge were pretty much not good ones, or had already been investigated. I attended the morning AA meeting most mornings, but sad to say only made the impromptu night one time. We stayed on schedule, started early Friday and at 11:00 Friday evening, we closed with the Serenity Prayer in French, Spanish and English.

I have scheduled phone calls with my 25-year-old grandson in Los Angeles, and I wanted him to understand what this gift you have given means to me - I said "James, it is as if you woke up tomorrow morning and you were sitting beside Harry Potter at a Quiddich game!

We Celebrate Service together!

In love & service,
Annette D.
Delegate, Area 14, Panel 69

"Our Big Book - 80 years, 71 Languages"

Where's the Delegate? - If you have not scheduled a Post Conference workshop for your District, and wish to, please call me or email me. As flyers are placed on website you will find the details or each event.

  • August 25 - District 14 Orange Badges Workshop
  • September 14 - District 7A & 7B Awareness Day
  • October 4-5-6 - South Florida Area 15 Assembly - Guest
  • October 12 - District 5 Tallahassee Service Fair
  • November 2 - District 7 Gratitude Dinner with Past delegate Joyce C.
  • November 8-9-10 - Southern States AA Service Assembly

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