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Delegate's Corner - May, 2018

Of course, my most important event in April was the General Service Conference April 20 to 28. I was so honored to be able to bring the voice of Area 14 North Florida to the Conference. All conference members worked incredibly hard, covered a vast amount of information and the results were amazingly productive.

The Literature Committee alone had 23 items to consider, review or discuss! And, I am delighted to report that we were able to finish our work in the allotted time. Participating in the Committee process and the group conscience at work was awe inspiring!

Since returning, I have been very busy out and about doing post-conference presentations. I appreciate how well the DCMs have consolidated dates to reduce time and travel and funds. Jacksonville and Daytona are finished. I have scheduled May 19 to be in Citrus Springs, and June 4th Brooksville. Tentatively scheduled: Orlando districts June 23. It is not too late to book post-Conference workshops. I do have open dates in June and I would love to bring the results of the Conference to you.

Most workshops at July Assembly will give reports on the results of the agenda items discussed in July. At the 4:30 Saturday afternoon I will give a report as suggesting in our Service Manual: "What I Saw and Heard and Felt". I am hoping to give you an idea of what the General Service Conference is really like!

We got lots of previews of what is to come especially in the communications department and I can't wait to share with you!

Thank you all for the work you do for your groups, districts, area, AA as a whole and of course the still suffering alcoholic!

Area 14 Panel 67
Twitter: delegate_a14p67

Thank you all again for the opportunity to serve.


"AA Communication Can Cross All Barriers", AA Co-Founder, Bill W., July 1960
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