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Delegate's Corner - February 2, 2019

Hello Everyone,

I have just returned from the Delegate's Get-Together in Atlanta. This event is a weekend gathering of past delegates and past trustees with the new Delegates and Alternates in the Southeast Region. The purpose is to prepare us for the General Service Conference. I heard a lot of tips for packing, preparing and surviving the week. But I was most inspired by the sharing of experiences by those who have gone before me. I hear stories of great spiritual experiences that were indescribable. I laughed and cried at the memories. "I never wanted it to end." "Why would anyone not want to do this?" "You will not be able to describe the spiritual change you experience in your report back." But I also heard, "You have a job to do."; "Go prepared"; "Listen as if you had no opinion". I met my Southeast buddy - Rick from Georgia. And I also now have my buddy from Conference, who lives in Nebraska!

I'm awaiting the background information on agenda items which is still scheduled for 2/15/2019. It will be out to DCMs as quickly as possible. I know all of you are getting ready for our visit to share this information with you. Thank you for all your efforts and for inviting us. I know this means you will all have your group conscience ready for the April assembly.

I want to be sure everyone is getting the information posted here. Mention something from the Delegate's Corner when you see me, and I'll have a gift for you.

Thank you for your service, as we lovingly work for the good of all of AA. And, thank you for helping me Celebrate Service!

In love & service,
Annette D.
Delegate, Area 14, Panel 69

If you have not scheduled a workshop for your District, and wish to, please call me or email me. As flyers are placed on website you will find the details or each event. These are weekend dates, but we can schedule a weekday or evening if that works for your members.


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