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Delegates Corner - March 1, 2023

It’s Conference Season Everyone!
This is my favorite time of year in General Service. The Agenda Items have been finalized by the Trustees committees and the background material for these items has been made available. In accordance with an agenda item from the 72nd General Service Conference, for the first time the background material has been released simultaneously in all three languages used by the US/Canada service structure, English, French and Spanish. The English versions of all this information is available in the password protected portion of this website. If anyone would like the French or Spanish documents, I would be happy to provide that information.

The background material has been summarized into a PowerPoint presentation that will bring this information to the members of the Area 14 fellowship. Beginning March 11 with the first of seven pre-conference presentations myself, our Alternate Delegate and other members of Area 14 General Service will be in Longwood. A complete list of all workshops, including one hybrid presentation is attached and in the Activities of Area 14 portion of our website. Please be sure to attend an event near you, or the hybrid presentation so that I may take our voice to the 73rd General Service Conference in April. A voice that is reflective of our informed area group conscience.

At the April Assembly I will ask for that group conscience so be sure that you have discussed the agenda items with your groups. As always, I am available to answer any questions, make clarifications and hear comments and concerns. The decisions the delegates make at the General Service Conference are yours to make. Together in Service we can help ensure a unified and productive future as we continue to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to those still suffering who have not yet found recovery.
See you all soon!

Mary A.
Delegate Area 14, Panel 73

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