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Delegate's Corner - October

Hello Everyone,

My message to you today is a personal one.
Two years ago, you gave me a task to do. Not only is that work almost done, but I have gone on a spiritual journey that took me to unimaginable places and experiences.

I could never thank everyone who helped me on this path. 39 years ago when I came here I was working with an outside organization whose members drank so much they had their own bar. And thought I could continue to do so. When my sponsor said to me “You silly girl, you cannot do that and stay sober, why don’t you come over here and try this way instead – and while you are there, talk to Dick L,”, and he became my first service sponsor, I had no idea that would lead to here. When I watched my first Delegate speak of his experiences and was inspired to seek that same experience, it took me a lot of years, because I got in my own way. But today, when I speak to you this final time, I still don’t believe you let me do this. Thank you. There are individuals here with us today, and a few who are not, who played a major role in teaching me how to be a trusted servant, and some who stood by me during epiphanies along the way. I thank you all. You know who you are. A special friend always says – you will be changed in ways you can’t describe. So true, and that starts happening long before delegacy. It happens with every position, every panel, every step of the way.

I want to speak briefly of tomorrow morning when we come together to elect our new slate of officers for Panel 71. In September of 2019, after the elections, one of our Past Delegates reminded me, “God does not choose the qualified, he qualifies the chosen.” So, if you are hesitant, I encourage you to step up and trust. I never had a position I knew how to do when I got it. Bill W tells us succession planning is one of our most important responsibilities after our primary purpose. Whatever part we individually play tomorrow – candidate, voter, helper, I pray each of us will take a moment before we enter the waiting room to pause and consider the work we will do, that we will consider carefully our preparedness both in spirit and experience for the positions where we stand to serve and that as voters we will ask for guidance in choosing the leaders of our next two years as we continue to face new and unexpected challenges in the unknown future.

I watch now to see how our future unfolds and how the experiences of the past year have shown we can do things in better ways that we thought wouldn’t work. Will we cross the barriers of autonomy and broaden the communication channels enough to continue the dialogs that have begun about “why can’t we”, “how are you doing it”? Can we let go of the tried and true ways to realize some “nice to haves” bring a heavy cost in time and money, that takes away from carrying the message when there are better ways? I pray we will stay open-minded to new ways and increased transparency. I pray that we will become more collaborative rather than running our separate shows. The new opportunities invite the fellowship, even beyond North Florida Area 14 to become more broadly engaged in all three legacies. I know our founders, especially Bill, are smiling. Once again Alcoholics Anonymous, against all odds, has risen to the occasion to maintain our Recovery, Traditions and Concepts safe and continue to help alcoholics who still suffer. As I rotate out after this amazing experience at the 69th and 70th General Service Conference, I invite you to continue to Celebrate Service with me and with our whole fellowship. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Annette D.
Delegate, Area 14, Panel 69

"2020: A Clear Vision for You"

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