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Delegate's Corner - August

Hello Everyone,
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I hope all of you are keeping safe while enjoying our beautiful summer. AAWS and the General Service Board met virtually the last weekend in July. Here are some key points from their work.

The vacancy on AAWS Board was filled by Sister Judith Ann Karam, a Class A Trustee. Sister Judith is a member of the same order Sister Ignatia belonged to and knew sister Ignatia. This is the first time in over 1/2 century a Class A Trustee has filled a NTD position on AAWS.

New webstore is slated to be on line by the end of August and Contributions Page will be updated by the end of September. The website update will not happen until next year.

The Meeting Guide app has been updated – If your group has a Venmo account for contributions, you can link that to the meeting guide app and your members / treasurer can make contributions from the app to your group account.

Literature sales are still down, but on the rise due to the summer sale on Big Books, and Intergroup orders. Ebooks sales continue to climb. The digital version of the 70th General Service Conference Report is out and available in the password protected area of The printed version is scheduled for delivery by Sept. 1. Distribution method will be assessed once we know status of September Assembly.

The General Service Office staff is still working off site. After labor day, discussion will begin regarding when to reopen, but our staff is doing a heroic job of continuing to provide services to us

Please note: The fall issue of Box 459 and GSO Quarterly will both be issued digitally only. No printed copies will be mailed, at a savings of $60,000. Please assist your members who might need help printing a copy or advise them to contact GSO.

The information below is as of 6/30/2020

Group Contributions: YTD total Group Contributions $4,086,923. Contributions in June were $898,444 and in July 1.2 Mil. Yes, those are each for one month. And on-line contributions TD were $1,092,734, about ½ through paypal. Remember that you can now use PayPal for group or individual contributions. It is not looking likely that Venmo will be added, as it is not well-designed to work with Corporate accounts. It is more suitable for local groups. Remember that Area 14 can now accept on-line contributions at our website at

AAWS/GSB combined reflect a YTD loss of $268,952. It looks like the virtual General Service Conference will have a loss of about $20,000. I expect better detail in our financial session on 8/15. We have already received one large insurance pay out for the cancellation of the International Convention. Final loss expected to be around $300,000.

Grapevine subscriptions are up slightly – almost 1000, but La Viña subscriptions are down by just under 1000. If you haven’t visited the Grapevine website in a while – it has a whole new look and expanded La Viña page. As of June 2020 Grapevine is projecting a 92,911 loss and La Viña a $148,060 loss.

Regional Forums – all face to face Forums for 2020 and 2021 have been cancelled. Plans are in the making for a virtual Regional Forum in November for the East Coast – US and Canada and another for the West - Coast US and Canada.

This is a short synopsis of Board Weekend. If you have questions or want to ask about something I have not mentioned, please contact me.

Remember, August 22, there will be a virtual session to update you on the financial status of the General Service Board. Our Area Treasurer will also present some interesting financial information. Check out the flyer below, or contact your District Committee Member or GSR for details.

Thank you for your continued support - see you when it's safe!

Thank you for celebrating service with me!
Annette D.
Delegate, Area 14, Panel 69

"2020: A Clear Vision for You"

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  • September 25-27 - VIRTUAL - NFAC Area Assembly Elections


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