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Delegate's Corner - June

Hello Everyone,
Thank you for visiting the Delegate’s Corner

We are rapidly approaching the Post Conference Delegate’s Reports on Zoom, and now know that our July Assembly will be virtual. I hope that members how cannot usually attend face to face will take advantage of this opportunity to participate. Help me get the word to them. You will also hear about a couple of opportunities to learn Zoom so everyone is comfortable for Assembly.

From the recent AAWS Board Meeting:
  • The new updated GSO / Grapevine video used in GSR Orientation may show up in early July.
  • See the new 7th Tradition at virtual Meetings (SMF-233) below, which is now available on
  • Meeting Guide app usage has been down due to adjustment to virtual environment, but usage in Canada has increased. A feature that links your Venmo account to your meeting listing has been re-activated (watch for update to app) and PayPal is being explored.
  • 80% of International Convention registrations have been refunded.
  • 99% of Big Book orders are coming from groups and individuals, usually small orders

Below you will find the familiar Quick Reference Guide for Conference results. This may be helpful during Delegate’s Reports.

Thank you for your continued support - see you when it's safe!

Thank you for celebrating service with me!
Annette D.
Delegate, Area 14, Panel 69

"2020: A Clear Vision for You"

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This we owe to A.A.'s future: to place our common welfare first; to keep our Fellowship united. For on A.A. unity depend our lives and the lives of those to come.

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