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Archivist Report - Apr 2021

April 12, 2021
Back in the day, every time Area 14 created a new District or a District split, closed or boundaries moved, a new map of the Area was created. I am looking for copies of those maps that were done. These maps were included with the minutes in the late 1970’s and the 1980’s. In addition, we are missing the April 1975 minutes. This quarter is very important to the area. At that time, the Area went from 17 Districts to 22 Districts, but we have no documentation. If you know someone that has kept old documents and are just in a closet somewhere, I would be glad to scan in and return the documents. I would like to thank District 18 for their high participation on the Area Wednesday Service Event presented by the Past Delegates. It was fun looking up all the information and learning about your district. In July, the Archives Service Coordinator will be presenting our Archive Road Show at the Florida State Convention in Jacksonville. Make sure to get registered so you can visit the Archive Room. If your district or group needs any research about your past or other information about the area, please contact me at

March 2, 2021
Suggestions for Updating your District/Group History

  1. Begin from your last history and move forward.
  2. Trace the changes in your District/Group with trusted servants new and old, how long in their position, committee chairs and items they worked on or completed during their term.
  3. Districts – new groups or groups that left or merger or just went extinct
  4. Groups – New- the struggle of the beginning, Old- the struggle to keep up. Is it a struggle, maybe not
  5. Contributions – up, down, non-existence; how were these handled
  6. Expenses- what was still necessary, did you still need to pay rent, were you able to maintain your expenses

Some ideas since Covid:

  1. Did you group go virtual? When was the decision made?
  2. If Virtual, what benefits have you found? Also, what issues have you found?
  3. How has this affected your groups ability to have a regular business meeting?
  4. How has your group been able to continue to do service?
  5. Have you gone back to face to face meetings? If so, do you have any restrictions?
  6. Did you have to change up your format when you went virtual?
  7. Have you been able to reach the newcomer?

With member’s consent, you should include their full names and sobriety dates in an original history. Note any nicknames. The use of full names helps the researchers and historian’s separate members with similar or the same first name and follow the history.

If you speak with old-timers or characters, remember to keep anecdotes that are shared. These are of particular interest to your group and A.A. history in the future.

I hope this helps with your new group or district history. If you have questions or need help, contact me at and I will be most happy to help you.

Area 14 Officer Reports

Area Chair Report - Apr 2021

Area Chair Update – April 2021
By now you are probably wondering – will we meet in person in July. I’m happy to report that we are moving forward with plans to meet in person at the Southbank hotel in Jacksonville, July 9-11, 2021.

A flurry of activity is happening behind the scenes as we prepare. I’ve asked our Alternate Chairperson to monitor CDC guidelines and take provision to make sure our group is as protected as possible with our on-site meetings. This may mean that seating arrangements may be distanced, and you may be asked to wear a mask. There may also be room welcomers who will greet you at the door of a workshop and have special instructions for the room you are entering to help assure we are all doing our best to protect everyone’s health and well-being. Bring your best positive outlook with you as we’ll need your help in making this a safe on-site Assembly.

As a new item I have asked our Web Chair to place in the password protected area of our website access to new and existing contracts of the Area. It is my hope that through this additional transparency the body will be better prepared when discussing business of the Area.

Please don’t forget to complete the Area Inventory Questionnaire which is available on our websites under the Documents link.

I look forward to seeing everyone in July! If you are uncomfortable with meeting in-person we will also have an option to attend the Business Meeting on Zoom. If you have any additional concerns, please feel free to reach out to me at at any time.

Lori P.
Chairperson – Panel 71
Area 14 - North Florida

Ad-hoc Committee Reports

Advisory Actions/Structures & Guidelines - Apr 2021

The Ad Hoc for Advisory Actions and Structures and Guidelines has been meeting twice a month and we have begun to review the Advisory Actions for correct verbiage. We are making sure that the Advisory Actions is exactly as the motion in the minutes as printed. If you have any questions, comments or find discrepancies please contact me at the following email address:

Recorded Workshops

Public Information (PI) - Mar 2021

January Workshop (audio only)

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