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Webchair Report - Dec 2019

December 6, 2019
Hello Everyone,
It's hard to believe that our first year of service is almost over. I'm looking forward to attending a workshop in Palm Coast this Saturday, December 7, 2019. I along with other service coordinators will be presenting.

I noticed our activity page is not very busy. This is your website! If your district is hosting an event please let us know so it can be placed on the website. Please send them to It is my responsibility to approve everything that is placed on the website. I also try to keep up with the different events listed so I can make arrangements to attend those of interest to me. I sometimes get requests for group events. I'm sorry but those should be listed with your local intergroup or district website if you have one.

January 4-5, 2020, is our next assembly. The agenda is already up on the website. We have a new link called first-timer tips for those who are attending for the first time. I don't know about you but this would have been a great resource a few years ago when I attended my first assembly.

As always, the website committee will be looking at the different sections of the website to see where improvements can be made. My contact information is listed below. I look forward to seeing everyone in January.

Love in Service
Vicki E.
Area 14 Panel 69 Webchair

Webchair NAATW Report - Dec 2019

December 17, 2019
Thanks to all who supported my attendance at the National AA Technology Workshop. At first I was apprehensive about my attendance since I haven't built a website since the very early 2000's. Was this a webmaster get together where they all shared idea's and innovations more in tune with that side of AA technology?

Granted those topics were covered. A few of the more technically based workshops were, "Coding websites for other languages", "no code app development for AA", "Using technology to enhance AA conferences" but there was so much more information. I found out really quick that this workshop covers much more than website building.

Technology practices in other countries was covered, and speakers shared online about Yunnan, Sweden, and China. 12 step technology through email and chat was covered. At least one person shared how when someone calls in for help on their website the call is automatically dispatched to a number of people at the same time. I knew the Online Intergroup of AA (OIAA) covered this process using email, but I was surprised to learn that we had AA Intergroup websites having the capability to dispatch to a number of people at the same time directly via phone.

We also learned pros and cons of the different types of accepting online contributions. Of course, there were questions relating to "how do you know it is only AA's who are donating?". The people using the technology on their websites shared how they cover this issue. Venmo, square cash, paypal were the most commonly used apps. Everyone present that used these app's all reported an increase in donations.

One of the workshops covered using G-suite vs Office 365. I believe there were more people present that were using G-suite as it appeared to me to be the simpler of the two to use. One advantage I noted with Office 365 is that you own your own data, but G-suite is compatible with sites built with WordPress. Another workshop along those lines covered Digital Archiving, File management, and Rotation.

We are definitely living in a technology-based world today. Another presentation dealt directly with sharing technology from Areas to Districts. How many districts maintain a website? What information do they provide on their website? Area 14 in my opinion does a great job as we link to our local intergroups and Districts where there is no intergroup coverage.

Two people from GSO were present and gave updates about the GSO/Web/App updates. This yearly conference covers a variety of areas where technology is being used. We had all levels of service area's to AA present including GSR's, DCM's, Delegates.

This was Area 14's first time sending their Website Chair to the NAATW. I believe the interaction with other Districts, Area's, Intergroups, along with the Webmasters, App builders, and the sharing about the different types of technology being made available to us, pros/cons and the information others have learned through trial and error makes this workshop a well needed addition to anyone in AA interested in the technology and website applications available to AA as a whole. I hope Area 14 will continue to send the Website Chair in the future.

Vicki E. Area 14 Website Chair

Archivist Report - Aug 2020

August 10, 2020
The Archives were feeling a bit lonely lately. I had two emergency trips to Arkansas for family in February and back again in March and that is a long trip driving. I did get back into Florida before the borders became an issue!! LOL. Since returning home I have spent many hours scanning and going through boxes of archival papers from the 1970’s. I have found some minutes we have been missing and scanned them in. I will be redacting them and getting them ready for updating the archived minutes in the password protected section of our website. (If you do not know the new password, ask your DCM (District Committee Member). HISTORICAL NOTE ON NFAC: In the 60’s our meeting was biennial and it was only to do the business of electing a Delegate. Reading about these times helps me to realize what grassroots general service was in North Florida and the commitment it took to become who we are today. Looking back four decades and reading our history over and over again I realize North Florida was not built in a day, we did try many things that did not continue through the decades, but the fellowship of North Florida Area Conference has the same commitment and strength and love for general service it always has! I want to remind all groups and districts about updating your annual Group History, especially with how we have been coping with “New AA” and sending a copy to me. It will help with your archives in the future if you update on an annual basis. If you would like to visit our Archives Repository or need research or questions on our Area, please contact me at Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Corrections Chair Report - Dec 2019

December 12, 2019
The National Corrections Conference was held in Houston on the weekend of November 1st through the 3rd. I had the privilege of representing Area 14 at the conference as your Corrections Coordinator. Thank you for allowing me to attend on your behalf

Please click on this pdf to read the full report

Area 14 Officer Reports

Area Chair Report - Aug 2020

Hello Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well these days and that you are weathering the storm we call Covid-19. It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that we won’t be meeting in person as a body again this year. We had our final call with the Renaissance World Golf Village today. They are cancelling our face to face Assembly for the end of September, with no financial penalties. They will cancel the rooms that are still reserved, although it’s not many at this point.

In lieu of meeting in St Augustine, we will be having a 100% virtual Assembly on Zoom. Money typically spent on the hotel and convention center rooms will instead be spent to hire professionals to make sure our weekend goes as smoothly as possible. In fact, we are hiring the team who made the first virtual General Service Conference such a success! Their team will set up registration rooms, all the workshop rooms as well as run the Business meeting late Saturday afternoon and the voting Assembly on Sunday morning. In addition, they will train our panel members who will be conducting workshops and meetings. We may deviate from our Structures and Guidelines a bit, since we do not have provisions for a virtual Assembly, but we will try our utmost to remain true to them as well as our Advisory Actions. The team we are hiring will follow our governing documents as closely as is possible.

So what will be needed from you? We’d love it if all DCMs would work with our Registrar to ensure that their District rosters are as up to date as possible. We’ll also need all Service Coordinators to plan virtual workshops. We’ll be needing non-voting members to help the two days of the Assembly and finally, we are looking for volunteers to make phone calls to remind everyone, come September. Can we count on all of you to participate?

Please reach out to me with any questions you have. I am very excited about this. How about you? I can’t wait to hear from all of you!

Thank you so much for all your support as we have moved through these difficult times.

Yours in service,
Ruth R
Area 14 Chair

Alternate Delegate Report - Jan 2020

January 6, 2020
I want to thank you for your support that allowed me too attend (SSAASA) Southern States Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly in Lake Junaluska, North Carolina from November 8th – 10th, 2019. This was a weekend filled with workshops and presentations keyed on Carrying the Message and Service.

The first presentation was from are South East Regional Trustee. There were a number of updates given on a wide range of topics.
1) LinkedIn page would be coming online any day.
2) The new ERP system is having some glitches causing a delay in Groups and District information being processed.
3) A new Communication Department scheduled to start 11-11-2019.
4) A new ASL DVD for the Big Book is available.
The status of the International Convention in Detroit was given. It is felt that everything is on track at this time. With registration at an estimated 21,000 and rooms book full in downtown Detroit. There are still rooms available around Detroit and in Canada. The hopes are to mail out name badges or souvenir books in May in a attempts to reduce lines at registration in Detroit at the Convention.

I was only able to attend a limited number of the workshops because of scheduling. This was a wonderful part of the event in hearing common problems with a number of different ways of looking at answers to work on them.

GSR: Strengthening the Home Group; The common agreement was a person that is willing to serve with the full support of the Group. Not just someone to fill the position. And if this can’t happen then the position should be left vacant.

Technology Advancement: This was a different type workshop than what I’ve evered attended. The time was spent looking at the technology advancements we have at our disposal today and the number of ways they can be put too us in carrying the message. With You Tube being used by GSO this is just a start on this approach with other opportunities for the future. With the local Intergroup putting the information out for a number of Districts. Many of the Districts are getting their own website’s to help get the information out on a larger scale. It was felt the most under used tool is Skype. This is something that a great resource for providing meeting for those that can’t make meetings or have a meeting with a group who live away from each other. Ever remembering to stay within the Traditions.

The one presentation that touched me was AA Around The Globe: As I listened I saw that meeting places and locations were abundant and easy to find for me and many others. Traveling to events are easy and readily available. There are a number of countries where just having a meeting is a blessing in its own, because of cultural and religious beliefs. As a result of this it’s hard for Groups to be self-supporting and open in the ability for them to carry the message. When it comes to travel in order to attend events or other social settings many times they have to jump through hoops and overcome great obstacles.

The next Southern States Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assemly will be in the fall of 2021 at the Tampa Airport Marriott, Tampa, Florida.

Richard C.
Alt. Delegate

Secretary Reports - Sep 2020

September 12, 2020

NAATW 2020 Virtual Gathering
The National A.A. Technology Workshop’s (NAATW’s) annual meeting was supposed to be held in Seattle this year but due to COVID, it was postponed to 2021. Briefly, I was impressed by the overall knowledge, communication, and collaboration expressed at the virtual gathering and joined the Technology in AA Online Community, TIAA Forum, afterwards. This forum connects AA members to discuss AA and Technology. I’m looking forward to participating in the forum. Out of the nine sessions that I attended, the three that I enjoyed the most were: Cindy M. of Hazelwood MO.’s perspective on “AA Technology Comes of Age: Three Perspectives”, the “3D Virtual Reality Meeting Demo”, and “Wagtail vs WordPress: Another way to easily propagate meetings to the Meeting Guide”.

Starting with Cindy’s presentation, she told us how she transformed her Intergroup from a completely paper-based system, no inventory tracking, cash-based operation, suffering many accounting mistakes to a completely digitally connected organization that now process online banking, QuickBooks, electronic billing, and auto-withdrawal of fixed expenses. Many procedures were documented and used to train new special workers. Cindy implemented the 2020 QuickBooks cloud-based solution and found a Web Developer who transformed their website with Zoom meeting listings, meeting submission forms, PayPal and CC donations with support for specific group recipients and an online bookstore with inventory tracking for $400.00! Take a look AA North County Intergroup Office to see how far the North County Intergroup in Hazelwood Missouri has come.

The team effort by Kalen C., Mike N., Scott F. and Margie D., of Port Clinton, OH demoing their 3D Virtually Reality Meeting was pretty cool. At first, I didn’t think this was going to work, how could it? But the demo made a believer out of me probably because you could get a hug from a willing avatar, and a cup of coffee. They are still working on how to pass the basket. Unfortunately, it has a hefty price tag associated with the experience. If you want a good headset, it will cost you $600.00. To get started go to and AA in AltspaceVR, When you do go to, look for Margie D, one of the founding members of Alt-space, as she volunteered to teach Alt-space 101 to newcomers. The reason that you want to go to Alt-space is because the 3-D experience can be accessed via a “2-D” Laptop. Here are some more links that will help you get started:
Get AltspaceVR in 2 (
AA in AltspaceVR FB group (

Timothy A. from Philadelphia, PA Wowed us with his presentation on “Another way to easily propagate meetings to the Meeting Guide; mainly for me, because it worked! The ease of using Timothy’s solution comes to us through the following GitHub link: If you don’t know what GitHub is, this might not be for you. Timothy has detailed each step to accomplish the following: With only a Meeting Guide format JSON file or a Google Sheet, Web Servants can have the same meeting finder found in the 12 Step Meeting List WordPress plugin, but without WordPress. If you are a Web Developer, this could help you display your meeting data once transformed into a Google Sheet, or JSON format to the Meeting Guide without using WordPress. I hope someone finds this useful.

If you would like the PDF for the links, email

February 1, 2020
On Saturday, Feb 1, 2020, District 10 and Central Florida Intergroup held a workshop entitled "A Service Manual Book Study". This is the PowerPoint that was presented during that meeting. If you have any questions, please contact the Secretary at

January 15, 2020
I had the privilege of attending the Southern States Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly held on November 8 through the 11, 2019. Please click on this link to read my detailed report.

As part of District 10, a host District for the January 2020 Assembly, I was able to put on a workshop on the First Three Concepts. This is the PowerPoint that I presented on January 4, 2020 at 10:00 AM. Please contact me at if you have any questions or concerns.

Terri-Lynn S.
Area 14 Secretary

Ad-hoc Committee Reports

IFF Report Apr 2020

April 21, 2020
At this time, the IFF Crew (Improve, Format, Flow Crew, is grateful to announce we are ready to open our suggestion for the conversion of the current Advisory Action word document to the Advisory Action excel sheet with matching PDF document. We have incorporated links into each document to the minutes that document each advisory action, where minutes are available, in the password protected area of the NFAC website.

You will find under IFF Project the two documents of Advisory Actions. Beneath these documents will be a section of IFF Training Videos. These videos will give three (3) different scenarios of use, an Overview to Category, Subcategory to Filter, Find Function Demo and how to Verify Motion using the Minutes. Each video is 3-4 minutes explaining the different features of the excel document. The videos will also show how to obtain the most benefit from using each of these documents.

Your feedback is graciously needed for this project to be completed. We would encourage you to please review these documents, the information in the training videos and complete the attached survey by June 1st, 2020 to help this project.

Please send all surveys and any comments to These will be dispersed among the complete IFF Crew for discussion. We currently meet every Monday and this information will guide us to the best practice we suggest.

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