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Feb 13, 2019

I'd like to welcome our visitors and friends to the Area 14, North Florida website. If you are visiting North Florida then this is the place for you to find AA meeting information, Intergroups and events while you enjoy your stay. Welcome to North Florida!

It was so exciting to see all our new GSR's, DCM's, Officers, Service Coordinators, along with our visitors and guests at our January assembly. Thanks to the 28 people that attended the website workshop. I've already made arrangements to have internet access at the next assembly. Please join us in April as we take a walk through our website.

Thank you to the Districts that have sent me their upcoming events for the events page. In case you don't know, it is my responsibility to ok all district events before they are sent to the Webmaster to be placed on our events page. Please keep me busy by sending them too:

Please keep in mind our 11th Tradition when sending information for our events page. No last names, No personal email addresses, No personal phone numbers. I've included a link to the US/Can GSO's Frequently Asked Questions about AA Websites. Section 8 is all about anonymity.

If possible, when sending in your events please send them in the form that they were originally created. This is a great help to our webmaster when placing them on the website.

Love in Service

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