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North Florida Area Officers and Service Bodies

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Area Officers


The Delegate is the NFAC representative to the annual General Service Conference. He/she works with the Chairperson in preparing the agenda for Assemblies. He/she should be prepared to deliver Conference reports to District meetings when requested and be available to participate in NFAC or District activities if called upon. The Delegate attends the Florida State Convention, the annual Southeastern Conference as well as the February mini-conference Southeastern Delegates "Get Together" in Atlanta. The Delegate also attends the Southeastern Regional Forum held every other year and the International Convention, which is held every five years. The Delegate provides leadership, especially in training new GSRs and DCMs, and participates in training activities or workshops whenever possible. The Delegate should be able to prepare a good service talk, not just a factual report. The Delegate should be cooperative, cheerful and available.

Alternate Delegate:

The Alternate Delegate attends Assembly meetings and becomes familiar with Assembly topics. He/she also attends the Southeastern Conference and the February mini-conference Southeastern Delegate "Get Together" in Atlanta. The Alternate Delegate should be prepared to replace the Delegate at any time. The Alternate Delegate shall serve as the Chairperson of the Growth Committee and the NFAC Florida State Convention Oversight Committee.


With assistance from NFAC Officers, the Chairperson prepares the agenda for Assemblies, keeping in mind that full use of time should be made. The NFAC Chairperson conducts the NFAC Assembly business session, determines the agenda items for the Assembly meetings in time for mailing to members of NFAC at least 30 days prior to the assembly, and otherwise acts as Administrative Officer of the Assembly. He/she appoints the Service Chairpersons, Parliamentarian and other members for the Administrative Committees listed in Section 5. Chairperson Elect attends the Southeast Regional Forum that is held every other year.

Alternate Chairperson:

The Alternate Chairperson shall assume the Chairperson's duties in the Chairperson's absence, and assist and support the Chairperson in carrying out duties as needed. The Alternate Chairperson shall serve as Chairperson of the Site & Agenda Committee.


The Treasurer receives and records contributions from A.A. groups and other sources, and maintains a record of all monies received and all disbursements made. The Treasurer will settle all bills with the hotel/motel where each assembly is located, as well as issue checks for other expenses. The Treasurer opens and maintains a bank account for deposits and disbursements, and a savings account for the prudent reserve. The NFAC Assembly will have a signature card signed by the Delegate, Chairperson and Treasurer and all checks shall require the signature of two of the above. The Treasurer shall report to each Assembly and provide a written in-depth report of all transactions each year. The Treasurer prepares a one-year proposed budget to be presented to the NFAC for approval. He/she should monitor expenditures by Committees to help ensure spending is within budget limits. At the first Assembly of each year the Treasurer shall present to the Finance Committee a report of "large differences" between actual costs for the prior year and the approved budget for that year, for review and consideration by the Committee. The Treasurer also serves on the Finance Committee.


The Registrar is responsible for maintaining the roster of NFAC GSRs, DCMs, Officers, Past Delegates and Service Chairpersons in a format which can be used for mailing labels and for a written roster for the use of the NFAC Committee. The Registrar shall be responsible for the bulk mailing permit and mailing/e-mailing of the minutes 30 days before the next Assembly.


The Secretary should have the time and skills to use a computer. The Secretary is responsible for keeping accurate minutes of the NFAC Assembly and quarterly officers' meetings. He/she will also prepare these minutes, as well as the meeting agenda, hotel reservation form, and other material as directed if submitted in time, in a form to be mailed to all NFAC Officers, DCMs and GSRs at least thirty (30) days prior to the next Assembly. Updates Advisory Actions and Structures & Guidelines per all motions passed.

Service Committees


This Service Chairperson covers how to carry the message to those who have problems which limit their attendance at regular A.A. meetings, and also enlightens A.A. members and groups to their special needs.


The Archives Service Chairperson conducts workshops and displays on the AA and NFAC history.

Cooperation with the Professional Community:

This Service Chairperson deals with how to carry the message to the still-suffering alcoholic through third party professionals such as probation officers, clergy, doctors, etc.


This Service Chairperson deals with how to carry the message to those in jail or prison.

Grapevine/La Viña:

This Service Chairperson educates the membership about our unique "Meeting in Print".


This Service Chairperson serves as a liaison between Intergroups and the members of the NFAC, facilitating "sharing common problems and solutions"


This Service Chairperson is to inform Groups, Districts or NFAC members through displays or other suitable methods, of all available Conference Approved Literature, audio visual material or other special items.

Public Information:

This Service Chairperson is concerned with carrying the message through the media and also educates A.A. members and groups about Alcoholics Anonymous. This Service Chairperson is also in charge of the video library.


This Committee will act to ensure continuity with technology used by Area 14 and will consult with other Area Committee members in planning, selecting, obtaining, maintenance and use of technology.

Treatment Facilities:

This Service Chairperson deals with how we carry the message to clients of treatment centers and other recovery institutions.


This appointed office will be for a two (2) year term, to coincide with the current rotation. This position is appointed by the incoming Chairperson. The Parliamentarian does not have a vote at the NFAC Assembly.


This position is to be voted on in non-electoral years for a two (2) year term not to exceed six (6) years. This position is to be voted on by voting members of the NFAC Assembly. This office does not have a vote at the assembly. This position shall attend NFAC Assemblies and work closely with the Archives Service Chairperson.

Administrative Committees


This committee is responsible for reviewing the budget prepared by the Treasurer before it is submitted to the NFAC Assembly. The Committee also reviews the Treasurer's quarterly report and any proposals that may require funding in order to:

  1. Provide financial guidance.
  2. Make recommendations.
  3. Encourage the development of long-range financial policies.
  4. To monitor expenditures as compared to the approved budget.
  5. Maintain a current inventory of NFAC Assembly property.


This Committee receives and reviews requests for changes in District boundaries and provides suggestions for effective management of Districts as an alternative to splitting the District. The Committee, with an eye always on the future of the NFAC, monitors and helps manage growth to keep the NFAC as inclusive as possible. Each January this Growth Committee shall review the references in Structure and Guidelines to page numbers in the Service Manual and provide the Secretary with a list of changes for Structure & Guidelines. Such changes will be made without need to publish and vote.

Site and Agenda:

This Committee obtains and reviews bids from hotels/motels willing to provide facilities for NFAC Assemblies. This Committee is responsible for overseeing the logistics of each NFAC Assembly and, whenever possible, uses their experience to develop written procedures and guidelines for future NFAC Assembly hosts.

Web Site:

This Committee consists of seven (7) voting members; the Web Site Chairperson, the Webmaster, a past Delegate, the PI Service Chairperson, and three (3) DCMs. The Chairperson shall be appointed by the NFAC Chair and shall attend the NFAC Assemblies. This Chairperson is responsible for setting up the meeting and coordinating information within the committee. This Chairperson is to insure that the Web Site ( meets the recommendations of the Committee and the NFAC Assembly.

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