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FALL 2005 addendum

Questionnaire for Area Inventory

Following is the inventory questionnaire. This questionnaire has been distributed during this assembly. Anyone wishing to do so this weekend can return completed forms to the box at the registration table, or you may email your responses to (put Area Assembly in subject line) or mail to Corliss G.(MAILING ADDRESS EDITTED FOR INTERNET - contact your DCM, Webmaster, or Area Chair for address). This form can also be found on the North Florida Area website. All written responses must be received prior to November 15, 2005. The Ad Hoc Committee will reconvene at the January Assembly to review all comments and prepare a report for the facilitator to read as part of the introduction.

  1. Is the Area doing enough to help DCM's encourage non-participating groups to become active in the service structure?

  2. Should the area be more involved in the "business" of AA than in "carrying the message to the still suffering alcoholic"?

  3. Is enough being done by the Area at the Assemblies to promote service sponsorship?

  4. How effective are we in communicating with the Districts?

  5. How is the Area carrying the message to the Hispanic population outside the Orlando area?

  6. Do the GSR's and DCM's "feel a part of?" Is there anything the Area officers can do to create more interest and enthusiasm?

  7. What is the basic purpose of Area?

  8. Has enough effort been made to explain to all members the need and value of service work?

  9. Are DCM's getting out to all groups to keep them informed and encourage participation or do some of our Districts have too large a number of groups?

  10. What issue or concern do you have that was not addressed?

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