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Hello to all. Hope you all had a great Halloween, and will have happy times during the upcoming holidays. The last Assembly was a busy and productive one. Several items were brought to the floor and will be discussed and voted on at the next Assembly. Such as whether or not to allow sending the minutes by e-mail to those who request them. The Growth committee will be discussing a proposal to create the position of Archivist for the Area. An item came to light during our interim officers meeting which I will bring to the body of the Assembly regarding the Corrections Committee providing Big Books to district corrections committees for prisons, and whether the Area feels this is proper or not. I feel it is part of our responsibility, however that's only my opinion and the decision is up to the body as always. We will also be conducting an Area inventory at this Assembly. Mary D. from GSO (and formerly of North Florida) will be conducting the inventory meeting. We need, and encourage input from all Groups in the Area so as to get the best input to bring about changes which will be of benefit to the entire North Florida Area.

Yours in Service,

When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help,
I want the hand of AA always to be there.
And for that: I AM RESPONSIBLE
My cell phone is (EDITTED FOR INTERNET), please let me know how I can be of service to you.


At this Assembly, we will be working on the Area Inventory, please attend and bring your ideas and group conscience to all of us.

Please refer to the agenda here for the time of each workshop.

  • ACCESSIBILITIES: A review of all literature available.
  • ARCHIVES: How to take an oral history using a "real" old timer, and continuous showing of "Markings on the Journey".
  • COOPERATION w/PROFESSIONAL COMMUNITY: Review the guidelines and distribute how to share with the professional community
  • CORRECTIONS: "Gold mining the limitless load of prisons"
  • GRAPEVINE: What's new in the Grapevine.
  • INTERGROUP: Q & A for new chairs.
  • LITERATURE: New literature display and discuss the revised Home Group pamphlet.
  • PUBLIC INFORMATION: New display and show new survey for groups
  • TREATMENT: What a new district chair does, also the So. Fl. Chair should be with us
  • FINANCE: Any items which arise
  • GROWTH: Archivist position
  • SITE & AGENDA: Items which will be brought forward by the members of the committee will be discussed.

Next Assembly is January 6, 7 and 8
Make your reservations three weeks prior to get our conference rate.

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